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The Textile Group would like to invite you to be involved in the first annual Craft Pride Procession, scheduled to take place Saturday August 6, 2011 in East Vancouver.

We are a small group of people newly brought together by our use of textiles in our contemporary art practices. At out first ever meeting it was apparent that we all shared a passion and concern for the ways in which we each perceive and experience the marginalization of the mediums and techniques we love and depend on for so much of our creative expression. As an affirmative act of association, re-identification and celebration, we are proposing that those who feel called come together to create a procession of craft pride with a diversity of tactics. Costumes, music, knit-bombing, banners, flags, bicycle floats, giant sculptures, interventions and workshops are all in the works. If you are interested, please contact us and/or attend a meeting to share you ideas and connect with others who want to help the visions come to life.

Meetings are scheduled every 2nd Friday – the next being Friday May 20, at 6pm at Cutty Studios (564 Beatty st., Vancouver, BC). Info will be posted at and members of the textile group can be contacted at

Please forward this to anyone who may be interested. Allies are welcome also.


the textile group

*The space is not wheelchair accessible. We sincerely apologize for this exclusion

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